Fire at the Corps
In the early morning hours of Monday, April 12, 1999 tragedy struck the Glen Oaks Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

An electrical fire that started in the basement consumed most of the southern portion of the quarters.

Most heavily damaged was the basement storage area, bedroom, kitchen, office and bathroom.
The living room sustained heavy water and smoke damage.
The dispatch area escaped major damage.

No one was in quarters at the time of the fire - a passing 105th Pct sector car reported it to the Fire Department.

The Corps will remain in service during the rebuilding process (luckily the ambulances were undamaged in the blaze).

A special thank you goes out to all of the members who helped (and are still helping) in the cleanup and restoration of service, our brother VACs and the NYS Volunteer Ambulance & First Aid Association who have offered material and office space, and all of the NYC agencies (OEM, HWY 3, FDNY), Con Edison, Bell Atlantic, etc involved in getting us running again.

Update - May 20,2001 - Brickwork has been completed - See the photo album for pictures.
Update - Dec 20,2001 - Construction has begun - See the photo album for pictures.
Update - May, 2001 - The plans for the new building have been approved!
Update - May 24, 2000 - The old building has been demolished - See the photo album for pictures.
Update - Jan 29, 2000 - We've moved! During the rebuilding process we've relocated back to the original basement headquarters. It's under the co-op off the 260th Street oval. Yellow signs are posted guiding you from the old headquarters. Many thanks to those folks who helped us during the move.
Update - Oct 5, 1999- The final plans have been drawn! Copies are available below.
Update - June 11, 1999 - An architect has been selected to oversee the rebuilding project. Ideas are still needed for the new Corps design as well as for fund raising.
Update - May 25, 1999- a Building Committe has been formed and is being chaired by Rich Keller. Any members interested in helping out should contact him directly. The committee is currently evaluating proposals from architects.
Update - April 19, 1999 - the temporary trailer has been stocked and in is in service. Salvage work continues in the house.

If anyone wishes to help in our rebuilding effort, please leave a message at the corps (718-347-1637)